Order allowances are a great tool for brokerages who want to pay a portion of their agent's photography orders.  This also works for teams who frequently split the cost of an order.  When you set up an order allowance, you can set a percentage of the order and up to a certain amount to be covered by another client.  You can also choose whether this will be offered for all products or only certain products.  When an order allowance is set, this will generate automatically during the checkout process on your shopping cart.  

How to set up an order allowance

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Step 1: Go to Pricing Tiers in your shopping cart setup

    Step 2: Click "Create Your First Price Tier"

    Step 3: Click "Add Allowance Subsidy" 

    Step 4: Add a tier name and any notes

    Step 5: Select the user that will be paying the order allowance

    Step 6: Enter in the allowance percentage, maximum allowance (if any), and allowance usage

    Step 7: Select which products to apply the allowance to

    Step 8: Click "Save Updates"

    Step 9: Go to the Client Summary page and select that price tier you just created

    Step 10: Do this for all clients who should receive this order allowance


Step 1: Click on Business at the top of your HDPhotoHub account and then click the Shopping Cart tab on the left.  Scroll down to the Pricing Tiers section.

Step 2: Click "Create Your First Price Tier".

Step 3: In the Price Tier pop-up, click "Add Allowance Subsidy".

Step 4: Add a tier name and any notes.  We recommend making the tier name something that you will know is for that specific group/client.

Step 5: In the "User Paying the Allowance" drop-down menu, select the client that will be paying the order allowance.  This is typically the broker or real estate company.  You can also choose if you would like the client and/or the user paying the allowance to receive invoice emails at the time of the order.

Step 6: Enter in the allowance percentage, maximum allowance, and allowance usage.  The allowance percentage can be up to 100%.  The maximum allowance is the dollar amount maximum that they will pay before the agent has to pay.  The allowance usage can be either once per site or any order, as some site have multiple orders on them.

Step 7: Select which products to apply the order allowance to.  By default, it will apply to all products.  However, you can set it to apply to only one product or a set of products.

Step 8: Once you have entered in all of the fields, click "Save Updates".

Step 9: In order for this price tier to apply, you will need to select it for the client.  To do this, you will go to the Client Summary page and click the Price Tier drop-down menu.  Select the price tier from the drop-down menu and this client will now receive that order allowance.

Step 10: Set the price tier for every client who should receive that order allowance.

For any additional questions, our Support team is ready to help you!

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Email: Support@HDPhotoHub.com