Workflow Tasks are a great tool for teams who have multiple admins or departments that complete tasks between an order being placed and the final delivery to your clients.  You can use them to set tasks or specific products, as well as, overall order tasks.  You can even set due dates to ensure all tasks are completed on time!  When a workflow task is ready for your team member to work on, they will receive an email notification to let them know.  Using Workflow Tasks in your HDPhotoHub account will help keep your team on track throughout the entire order completion process.

How to use Workflow Tasks

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Demo Video

    Step 1: Go to your shopping cart

    Step 2: Scroll down to Workflow Tasks

    Step 3: Click "Create Your First Workflow Task"

    Step 4: Fill in the Workflow Task details

    Step 5: Choose Send Task Email Notifications option

    Step 6: Click "Save Updates"

    Step 7: Scroll up and click on a product to add a Workflow Task to

    Step 8: Click Workflow Tasks on the left

    Step 9: Select which Workflow Task(s) will apply to this product

    Step 10: Click "Save Updates"

    Step 11: Go to Site Summary

    Step 12: Set a Due Date

    Step 13: Email notification sent when Workflow Task is ready to be worked on

Watch the video below for a demo:


Step 1: Click the Business tab at the top of the page and then click the Shopping Cart tab on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Workflow Tasks section.

Step 3: Click the "Create Your First Workflow Task" button.

Step 4: Fill in all of the Workflow Task Details in the pop-up window.  The Task Type can be either a "Product Task" or an "Order Task".  A Product Task will appear once per product, whereas, an Order Task will appear once per order.  You can also choose a specific team member to complete the task and a certain payout amount for that task.

Step 5: In the Send Task Email Notifications drop-down, choose whether you would like to disable email notifications or not.  For more details on this feature, click here.

Step 6: Click "Save Updates".

Step 7: You will now need to add this Workflow Task to a product(s).  To do this, you will scroll up to your product list and click on a product that needs a Workflow Task added.

Step 8: Click the Workflow Tasks tab on the left-hand side of the pop-up window.

Step 9: Select which Workflow Task will apply to this product.  Note: you can choose multiple Workflow Tasks.

Step 10: Click "Save Updates".

Step 11: When that product is ordered, it will show the Workflow Tasks and the ordered products on the Site Summary.

Step 12: In the Appt/Due Date column, set a due date for the Workflow task.  This will let your team member know when this task should be completed by.  They will even receive an emailed notification of that scheduled due date!

Step 13: When the product is marked as 'Done' (or all ordered products when using an Order Workflow Task), your team member will receive emailed notification that their Workflow Task is ready to be worked on!

For any additional questions, our Support team is ready to help you!

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