Workflow Tasks are a great way to keep your team on track and ensure a smooth delivery of media to your clients!  You will now be able to keep orders on schedule with Workflow Task Due Dates!  You can now set due dates for Workflow Tasks so that your Team Members will know when an item should be completed by.  Additionally, they will receive and email when the Workflow Task is ready to be worked on.  Take a look below on how to include a due date for a Workflow Task!

How to add a workflow task due date

Click the steps below for a detailed walk-through:

    Step 1: Go to Site Summary

    Step 2: Click Appt/Due Date box

    Step 3: Choose a date/time

    Step 4: Workflow Task is now scheduled


Step 1: From the Dashboard or Sites tab, click the property that you need to schedule.

Step 2: In the Appt/Due Date column, click the box for the Workflow Task that you need to set a due date for.

Step 3: Choose a date and time that you would like the Workflow Task to be done by.

Step 4: The Workflow Task will now be scheduled!  Your Team Member will receive an email notification for the assigned due date, as well as, they will receive an email when the task is ready to be worked on.

For any additional questions, our Support team is ready to help you!

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